Webinar “Thoughts from Lesvos – 6 years in refugee crisis”

ELORIS S.A., as part of the implementation of the project SNAPSHOTS FROM THE BORDERS, organizes on Tuesday 21 September 2021 and time 11:00am, the webinar “Thoughts from Lesvos – 6 years in refugee crisis”.

Snapshot from the Borders is a three-year cooperation project funded by the European Union (under the EuropeAid Dear action) with the participation of thirty-one (31) partners, from 14 European countries. The project aims to create a new management network of cities directly addressing migration flows across the EU border, as a means of promoting effective cohesion policies at all levels (European, national and local).

During the webinar, representantives of the local community will talk about their own experiences and thoughts on how the Refugee Crisis has impacted their life and the way of life of the local community 6 years after its beginning at 2015. The conversation will also join representantives of NGOs who are active in the Mytilene and have been living the crisis for all these years.

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