On 3rd October on Freedom Square in Valletta, join us for the “No More Bricks In The Wall” Capital Event!

On 3rd October, the campaign No More Bricks In The Wall will have its key momentum with 28 Capital Events held in all EU member states – including of course VALLETTA!


Join us, the Marsa Local Council and our partners on Freedom Square, opposite the Parliament, for information and learning activities about how Maltese organisations promote the inclusion of non-Maltese residents.

There will be information stalls, an interactive art installation that will definitely make you think, a performance in which you can participate (if you’d like!) and, in the evening, the screening of the documentary “Another News Story“.


▶ More details about the events’ program will be published soon on our Facebook Event Page as well as on the Snapshots From the Borders websites, so stay tuned!

▶ Also, please sign our Petition Make October 3rd the European Day of Memory and Welcome“.



Some background: Why is this date so important?


In 2016, the Italian Senate established by law that the date of 3rd October would be the Italian Day of Memory and Welcome (this initiative was held and promoted thanks to Comitato 3 Ottobre, born with this specific goal), to be celebrated every year to remember and commemorate all the victims of immigration and to promote awareness and solidarity initiatives.  It is time that we introduce this day Europe-wide!

From October 3, 2013 to today, over 17,900 migrants and refugees have died or are missing in the Mediterranean Sea. 2016 was the most lethal year, with 5,096 people who lost their lives in a desperate attempt to find salvation in Europe. In 2018, one out of every 18 people who crossed the Mediterranean heading to Europe lost their life: an unacceptable human cost!


The 3rd of October will be a day to commemorate and reflect on these human losses; a day where wrong policies confront our individual and European values which should always stand higher. A day to remember the past, to correct the present and to envision our European future of solidarity and respect of all human lives.