International Documentary Festival

In recent years, borders have taken on an immense significance. Throughout the world they have shifted, been constructed and dismantled, impacting on life on thousands of people, re-shaping virtual and material spaces. They are no longer exist only at the edge of territory, marking the point where it ends, but have been transported into the middle of political space, in the Mediterranean like anywhere else. In doing so, borders are deconstructed and reorganised according to the unceasing re-articulation of international power relations, national sovereignties, market technologies and systems of measurement and control on a global scale.

This is particularly apparent today in Europe: proliferation, mobility, and deep metamorphosis of borders are key features of actually existing processes of globalisation and modernity.

According to this, our snapshots from the borders aim to tell the human, material and political implications that borders and mobility policies means to the territories and people involved on both sides: of those who migrate and those who live in countries interested by migration flux, by giving relevance to those films reporting the experience through the voices of migrants and the witness of citizens and organizations working on reception policies.

The selection focused on the impact of the issue in European countries, except for two films that highlight what happen before the European borders. Furthermore, in the films proposed, the Border is decomposed in its spatial and material implications; in its social implications and the impact on the territories; in its etical and political dimension, questioning european citizenship; through stories that report the daily struggle of people living in a foreign country; in the emergency event depicted by media.