Conference on Libya, the day after

[BB] The Conference on Libya was held on 12 and 13 November in Palermo, Sicily. For some pundits the symbolic image of the summit, the handshake between the president of the Libyan national government, Fayez al Sarraj, and General Khalifa Haftar should be seen as a success. According to other commentators, the appointment has to be considered a failure….


For Alps, a new website about immigration in the Alps

ForAlps website is online: please help us to disseminate it! Immigration as opportunity for Alpine regions. The mountains as an economic and human resource. ForAlps aims to shade light and increase the debate about welcoming culture and migrants’ integration in mountain regions We are glad to announce that the website ForAlps has been launched! ForAlps…


Migration: what Europe is going to decide

On 18 October 2018, the European Council adopted several conclusions on migration, internal security and external relations. This institution is composed of the heads of state or government of the EU’s member states, together with its President and the European Commission President. At the end of its last meeting, it “assessed the state of implementation…

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Solidarity from Traiskirchen to Lampedusa: “We don’t want Europe to be a fortress towards people”

Andrea Babler, mayor of Traiskirchen, town in the district of Baden in Lower Austria in Austria, one of the participant to Snapshots from the borders project, adresses a video message to his colleague Salvatore Martello in Lampedusa, the municipality which is leader of the project, in the day of the fifth anniversary f the death…


Lampedusa: «We ask European institutions to make 3rd October the European Day of Memory and Reception»

«3rd October should become the European Day dedicated to the memory of the victims of immigration: it would be a great symbolic and cultural act» – Salvatore Martello, Mayor of Lampedusa, said, on the eve of the anniversary of the shipwreck in which 368 migrants died in the sea in front of the island, on…


Salzburg EU Summit – 4 Border Towns join a declaration: “Towards a Europe of Solidarity and Shared Responsibility” 

Press release Salzburg EU Summit: 4 Border Towns join a declaration: “Towards a Europe of Solidarity and Shared Responsibility”  Lampedusa e Linosa (IT), Grande-Synthe (FR),  Marsa (MT),  Traiskirchen (AT)  speak out for  EU migration policy based on human rights, Tomorrow, on 20th September, there will be the Informal Summit of Heads of State or Government,…


Art from the borders

Mediterranean Lands (in italian “Approdi Mediterranei”) is the title of an artistic exhibition organized in occasion of the first town event of Snapshots from the borders, last 20th June, in the municipality leader of the european project, Lampedusa. The exhibition is a collection of the artist Barbaro Messina’s artworks made by lava, the typical stone…


Refugees: who and how many they (really) are

Refugees: who and how many they (really) are 44,400 people every day: this is the number of children, women and men who in 2017, have been forcibly displaced from their homes worldwide. This is one of the data of the UNHCR Report about Global trends (here you can find and download the entire document: Doc1 and Doc2 )….


Townevents from the borders

19 territories, 17 local authorities, 14 associations and organizations linked by Snapshots from the borders project did their first public events simultaneously on the occasion of the World Refugee Day, last 20th June. In the Lampedusa and Linosa municipality, our project leader, there has been a double event: the inauguration of Approdi Mediterranei – Mostra…


The crisis that doesn’t exist (but it does concern)

The crisis that doesn’t exist (but it does concern) “The number of arriving migrants is back to its pre 2015 level”. This is one of the main data published only few days ago – before the EU summit – by the New York Times, in an article written by Patrick Kingsley. On Lampedusa, for example,…