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Snapshots From The Borders is a 3-year project co-funded by the European Union (EuropeAid DEAR budget line), run by 35 partners, border Local Authorities and Civil Society organisations.

Snapshots From The Borders aims to improve the critical understanding of European, national and local decision makers and of public opinion about global interdependencies determining migration flows towards European borders, in the perspective of reaching SDGs targets, especially SDG 1, 5, 10 11 and 16. Specifically, the project intends to strengthen a new horizontal, active network among cities directly facing migration flows at EU borders, as a way to promote more effective policy coherence at all levels (European, national, local).

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Leave no one behind

A pilot study on disaggregating SDG indicators by migratory status On 25 September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly formally adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, along with a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 associated targets. The commitment to “leave no one behind” has been a key feature of all…


No escape from hell

EU Policies Contribute to Abuse of Migrants in Libya In July 2018, two Human Rights Watch researchers visited four detention centres in Tripoli, Misurata and Zuwara, Libya. They documented the inhuman conditions in which thousands of people are held. Severe overcrowding, poor hygiene, poor food and water quality resulting in malnutrition, poor health care, violence…


Forced migration – A World bank report

Before 2050 at least 143 million people will be forced to move within their country due to climate change. Of these 143 million, more than half – at least 86 million – will be in Sub-Saharan Africa, an area that has been suffering for decades from such phenomena as drought and recurrent famine, desertification and…


The European Commission, migration policy towards the election

The European Commission’s new report on progress in the field of immigration, published on 3 March 2019, also in anticipation of the next European elections in May 2019, is dedicated as always to data, but is characterized – compared to the past – by political messages on the subject. The report also focuses on fake…



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International Documentary Festival on Migration

This activity is designed between the end of first year of the project and during all second year. The activity will manage a world-wide documentary call in all participating countries in order to select 10 high quality documentaries.
The project guide the process of selection criteria of documentaries as the following subjects: Migrations to Europe, Re-definition of the border’s concept (European policies and their effects and consequences, territories and migratory routes, transformation, challenges), Virtuous stories of integration in Europe – (solidarity from citizens, good practices of hospitality and citizenship), Departure/travels to Europe: causes, thrusts, motivations, crossing borders, inner borders, Migration’s memories of old and new migrants provenance in certain areas (possibly), Ongoing transformations in involved cities and territories.


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