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Snapshots From The Borders is a 3-year project co-funded by the European Union (EuropeAid DEAR budget line), run by 31 partners, border Local Authorities and Civil Society organisations.

Snapshots From The Borders aims to improve the critical understanding of European, national and local decision makers and of public opinion about global interdependencies determining migration flows towards European borders, in the perspective of reaching SDGs targets, especially SDG 1, 5, 10 11 and 16. Specifically, the project intends to strengthen a new horizontal, active network among cities directly facing migration flows at EU borders, as a way to promote more effective policy coherence at all levels (European, national, local).

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News from the borders


Salzburg EU Summit – 4 Border Towns join a declaration: “Towards a Europe of Solidarity and Shared Responsibility” 

Press release Salzburg EU Summit: 4 Border Towns join a declaration: “Towards a Europe of Solidarity and Shared Responsibility”  Lampedusa e Linosa (IT), Grande-Synthe (FR),  Marsa (MT),  Traiskirchen (AT)  speak out for  EU migration policy based on human rights, Tomorrow, on 20th September, there will be the Informal Summit of Heads of State or Government,…


Art from the borders

Mediterranean Lands (in italian “Approdi Mediterranei”) is the title of an artistic exhibition organized in occasion of the first town event of Snapshots from the borders, last 20th June, in the municipality leader of the european project, Lampedusa. The exhibition is a collection of the artist Barbaro Messina’s artworks made by lava, the typical stone…


Refugees: who and how many they (really) are

Refugees: who and how many they (really) are 44,400 people every day: this is the number of children, women and men who in 2017, have been forcibly displaced from their homes worldwide. This is one of the data of the UNHCR Report about Global trends (here you can find and download the entire document: Doc1 and Doc2 )….


Townevents from the borders

19 territories, 17 local authorities, 14 associations and organizations linked by Snapshots from the borders project did their first public events simultaneously on the occasion of the World Refugee Day, last 20th June. In the Lampedusa and Linosa municipality, our project leader, there has been a double event: the inauguration of Approdi Mediterranei – Mostra…



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International Award

International Documentary contest on Migration and Walls stories, with an highly qualified jury, will take place in the Lampedusa island and in our terriotories around Europe. The contest is needed to encourage and motivate filmmakers to raise awareness and report on challenges and opportunities in the field of migration and border management, illuminating the multifaceted nature of migration through the power of human stories. As non-verbal communication, videos and short spot contribute to raise empathy with people and facilitate the understanding of migration issue, because our main goal is telling causes, determinants and interdependencies of migration.  3 winners, selected by online voting, by the migrant’s associations and by a jury composed of famous filmmakers, all winning works will be displayed during local estival in Europe. To promote the documentaries,  a project delegation will open each festival, present Snapshots From The Borders project and significative border experiences from all european territories.


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