Description of Kopin

Kopin works for human rights and children’s rights with the aim to empower its beneficiaries as key agents for social change and advancement.  It is a hybrid, operating in three interconnected fields:  international sustainable development cooperation, refugee support and education.

Set up 18 years ago, Kopin’s team is made up of professionals with diverse backgrounds providing an innovative package of services – Kopin supports marginalised communities where other institutions struggle and provides its services in a sustainable way, is a main provider of Development Education in Malta and one of the few Maltese entities focusing on children’s rights. The organisation is a partner of over 100 institutions in Malta, across Europe and East Africa, ranging from NGOs to ministries, local authorities, universities and international organisations.

Kopin envisions an equitable, diverse and sustainable society, where everyone is empowered to take care of our planet and its people.



Marsa Local Council is a local authority which administers the locality of Marsa.  Marsa is a town in the South Eastern Region of Malta, with a population of about 4,500 people.  The name Marsa means “the harbour”.  It is located in the Marsa Creek, a body of water formed by the flow of water from wadis in high grounds nearby to the sea.  The creek includes the Grand Harbour which the town is based on.  Marsa is home to the Malta Shipyards.  It also hosted one of Malta’s two power stations which provided most of the electricity to the Maltese Islands, until it was demolished in 2014.  Marsa Race Track, a one-kilometre long horse racing track, was constructed in 1868 and remains in use to date.