Workshop Day Strass

Strass, Jannuary 31, 2019 from 09:00 to 17:00

Comprehensive Programm

The workshop program included presentations from Südwind, the municipality of Strass, IKEMBA and Mentorus.
The workshops have been visited by 15 participants from different groups: employees of the municipality of Strass, activists from Strass and neighbouring communities, guests from migrant help organisations.

Intercultural Competence

After the introduction made by Südwind, Silke Kohek, who is working in the citizen service of Strass, held a talk about intercultural competence. She took trainings in this topic to improve the communication process with new citizen of the local community. The main message was, that everybody should try to have a look from the perspective of the person we are in interaction.


IKEMBA presented a view on their important work for migrants who are mentally not able to apply for help at national and local authorities. They find them often as homeless people in the streets and parks of Graz.


Mentorus focuses on young adult refugees. After coming of age refugees are differently treated by national authorities. Mentorus gives them access to consumption free space to meet each other, to improve German language skills. They organize team building projects and visit traditional festivals in Styria to get in touch with local people.


In the afternoon we asked the participants to split in small groups to discuss some questions like: Regarding the treatment of refugees – what can be improved on different levels – EU , national and municipality? How can municipalities learn from each other and how can this learning from each other be done?

Radio Feature

During the whole day a radio reporter from free media radio station “Radio Helsinki” which is located in Graz made interviews with different participants and speakers. Radio features have been produced and aired on April 29th on Radio Helsinki in Graz area.
The radio features in German language are available via stream: